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Final outcome

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Final outcome

My video cannt be uploaded on youtube, which I have tried millions of times. It doesnt work!

Youtube gave me information about the convert of formats.

But I produced my video to MOV, AVI,MP4,even Mp3….

anyway…it doesnt work- –

In vimeo… i cant make my video be appeared on website.

Finally, I support a link for my video.


I want to try again in Youtube!

I am succeed for uploading now…


PS: I just move in a new house in London so I use mobile model to suffer on internet. The speed of the network is rubbish T T…


Animation Part:::Person

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断肠人在天涯Chinese Calligraphy which describe a lonely person




Animation Part:::Bridge

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Picture 1Chinese calligraphy “bridge” 




Step-12 (did something wrong again)


Step-11 (did something wrong)



Picture 2-1



bridge22Step-09 (maya)

Picture 1-3



Picture 1-2




Step-06 (did something wrong- -///)






white light




Problem: I expect my bridge outcome is the same style as house. But I failed.

Why did I fail? In order to make easy, I used Artlantis Studio to make bridge nice texture.

but,the final looking unity with the others- -///

What am I going to do: try another way to render, if not work again, i will do it maya again….

dark light


with light-1





Artlantis Studio 2.0
Autodesck Revit


Artlantis Studio 2.0

Artlantis Studio is the fastest stand-alone 3D rendering application developed especially for architects and designers, ideal for quickly and easily creating high resolution 3D renderings, QuickTime VR Panoramas, QuickTime VR Objects and animations. A recognized leader in preview window technology, Artlantis is the rendering software used by architects, designers and urban design professionals in more than 80 countries.


Autodesck Revit

Animation Part:::Objects in the Poem:::House development

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Problem:  angle/ modeling(roof)/ lighting/  

Solve problem (angle): it’s quite hard to decide which angle is going to be chosen. In order to have big contrast between white and black, I chose the right side.

Solve problem (roof): at first, i dont want to show more detail of the house. u can see at the first step, the roof details are like sticks- – and then i wanna show better effect, i model roofing tiles pieces by pieces. 


Finally…the rendering feels better


Lighting rending is not quite effective to show the ink painting



the angle of camera is not good,changed that!


Animation Part:::Objects in the Poem:::Tree

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Picture 6

laoshu01Picture 5

Video part:::Chinese Calligraphy

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chinese calligraphy01

traditional Chinese calligraphy paper  + video editing


chinese calligraphy02

editing in final cut pro

characters on different papers 

Picture 3

paper testing

tested lighting: light is up the paper, camera is under the paper


test lighting

lighting test: light and camera are behind the paper



tracing paper

Now I have decided how to make the chinese character animation part, officially it became video part.


PROBLEM HERE: anyway, I always have problems… now, I dont want to cut the shadow of the hand. I think the dark shadow is quite nice, 

BUT the charactors cannt be in the middle of paper- -


after crop the scene, i feel better…


forget a decision to  figure out

I choose traditional paper instead of tracing paper which decided with Andy.



Symposium Presentation

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:::video link:::

Reflective writing:

On one hand, the symposium meeting in my mind is a kind of research method. Participating in symposium was discussing with peer and tutors. My peers praise the video showed in symposium. In addition, my tutor can see the calligraphy movement fit with the animation I made. I am pleased with that, because it is not easy to control the animation’s movement to fit with the calligraphy. 

One the other hand, I think I have engaged in symposium effectively for just answered the given questions. Asking the audience the questions will enhance the understanding of my work.

Animation part:::Objects in the Poem:::crew

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As my pr0ject will be separated by two parts, one is 2D & 3D image animation and video, and the other is typography animation.

project image-square-wei

The processing on plan is going well, as I have finish the half of the animation part. I create horse, house, bird in Maya and I get down the 2D pattern of tree and bridge. So everything is going well. BUT I have three BIG problems to face up:

1: Difficult to animate the charactors to be real on paper, which I have transferm this problem as how to show the ink is absorbed by paper.













Animation Part:::Slim Horse

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Final Version Development

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withered cane 


tired crow









It doesnt work very well… How can I say, I will animate the charactors as the processing of writing.